Autism and Intelligence [Reblogged from Seeing Double, Understanding Autism]


Seeing Double, Understanding Autism

I have discussed ASD and the impact (if any) it has on intelligence with a variety of people. Recently, I’ve noticed that opinions are becoming more and more polarised. Half the people I speak to confidently proclaim that everyone with autism is a genius, while the other half confidently proclaim that autism is a learning difficulty. But these are just opinions, and in my view very damaging to people that identify as autistic for a variety of reasons.

I vividly remember one conversation I had with a neurotypical friend from school. I hadn’t “come out” to her as autistic (at the time I hadn’t “come out” to anyone as autistic).  At one point autism came up in our conversation, and she immediately stated that ‘autistic people are usually REALLY intelligent or REALLY talented’.  I remember sitting there in disbelief, trying to resist the temptation to slide down my chair or…

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