We shall be of one mind

IMAG1679_BURST004Some say

Art is
and so with mathematics

Eternity was shown to me
in nothingness and infinity

At this, a preacher girl said I
was confused

In distance I blessed
I was not angry
How could I be?
But pity
and fear
for the judgment

Currents flow
joy, sadness
elation and suffering
not contrary
beautiful tragedy

and then if we can see

We shall be of one mind
grow together in spiritual strength
and together outrun
this mortal confine

in a moment
the refrain
of mystery grazed




2 thoughts on “We shall be of one mind

  1. What the Preacher’s Girl Doesn’t Know

    When I've drawn you
    into my emptiness
    looking out at infinite stars

    I wonder if you could be one,
    be a number in an equation

    where waves are an art of math
    summarizing the crest of you
    and the trough of me.

    Can you drink of love
    of the infinite flow

    wave and stay,
    say, I see us
    in a splash of love
    like an art work in the sky

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