Don’t smile
There’s no performance

Don’t smile
Your lips are full
And curl just so

Don’t smile
You don’t need
to mimic or plaster

Don’t smile
I can tell you’re happy
Your bliss in repose

The conditioned response
hides you away

your lips
and beauty

This moment
We forget
and learn

Your breath and mine
Our lips
curl just so

Don’t smile
and look up to my eyes
as you’ve been told

Just be
with me
with you
eager and still

Feel me
behind the mask
I will not mimic
Help me

Don’t smile
let your face go
and feel

You don’t need to know
The color of my eyes
Or to follow protocol

When we are close
your lips curl just so
I feel you close, and know you

Our souls tender
the bliss

There is no man, woman
In this moment, eternal
we kiss

And you and I,

We are beyond


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